Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sukkat part 3 - Hashanah Rabbah

At the end of the Sukkat festival the Autumn holiday season comes to a close. The last day of Sukkat is called Hashanah Rabbah. It's followed by two more days of observance - the first is Shimeni Atzeret and the second is Simchat Torah. It's on the second of these that the last verses of Deuteronomy are read, the scrolls are rewound, and the first verses of Genesis are read to begin the cycle anew. There's a huge celebration with everyone dancing (with and without the torah scrolls in hand). Unfortunately, the observance of the holiday prohibits any work, including taking of photographs.

These are photos of Hashanah Rabbah. Since it's the final day of Sukkat, the ritual of the 'four kinds' is still observed, as depicted in the third of the photos. The four are willow, myrtle, palm, and citron (etrog). Explained here  much better than I could hope to do.

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