Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cuba Trip - Day 1 (part 1)

Just back from a trip to Cuba. The island is beautiful, the environment challenging, and the people are wonderful. The only way to travel to Cuba from the USA for now is as part of a religious or humanitarian mission (or other kind of group licensed by the US Department of State). So I joined a group from my local Jewish Community Center to bring Hanukah to the 1200-1500 Jews of Cuba.

The island is a photographer's paradise. For this series of blog posts I'll be posting photos in both  b/w (the photos of the Jewish community) and color (just about everything else). More information about the trip and the Island to come, I have thousands of images to work through. But for starters, two shots to get the ball rolling.

This was the first click of the shutter on the island and on the trip. So fitting that it should be of a beautiful young woman. The people in general are very easy on the eyes and smiles abound. 

This was on Tuesday evening, after our first full day on the Island. In the mezzanine of the hotel we lit the menorah to commemorate the third day of Hanukah.


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