Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cuba Trip - Day 2 (part 4)

Wasn't sure how to title this  blog entry. Some new shots and some I've already posted - but as color images. After reviewing with one of my photography instructors the work I did for the first three days
I decided that most of the shots would look best as b/w images.

Yes, Cuba is filled with color. The cars are all colorful, and I took a lot of car photos even though I had it in mind not to. Colorful car photos taken in Havana are all over the internet but my style of shooting - to try to capture some kind of story in the image - works best as b/w. The color distracts from the focus of the image. So I re-did some images I've already posted, and I plan to do more of the same. Here's the first batch. The first one I've already posted in color.

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