Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cuba Trip - Day 4 (part 1)

We spent the morning in Cienfuegos visiting with a family that formed the core of the Jewish community in that province of the Island - more on that in a later post. Then we headed back towards Havana. On the way we stopped at Finca Vigia which is the Cuban name of the Hemingway House estate. It's located in the countryside in the town of San Francisco De Paula. As we drove towards the Hemingway Museum I was fascinated with the houses, people and cars in the town. So when the group toured the museum I broke off and took a walk through one of the streets in town.

On the streets of Cienfuegos:

In the town of San Francisco De Paula, as in most of Cuba, maintaining cars is a like a full time job. Most of the 'classic' looking vehicles are a pastiche of cobbled together parts from all manor of internal combustion vehicles, including farm tractors.


This is one of the grounds keepers at the Hemingway Museum:

Motorcycles are as important as wagons and old cars as a means of transportation all across the island:

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