Wednesday, March 9, 2016

First Day on the Street With My X-Pro2

A stunningly sunny early spring day in NYC and a new camera: the perfect combination for happiness. Even being quite familiar with the layout of buttons and dials on the X-Pro1 and X-T1, the new camera took some getting used to. I have more with which to experiment, but for now just a couple of shots to push the camera to its limits.

I wanted to test the dynamic range and see how much latitude I had to play with in my processing, so the bright sunlight coming from the left and falling on this woman's very gray hair were just at the edge of being blown out, but the dark shadows still kept some detail:

With the X-T1 the noise level at ISO 6400 was manageable and produced acceptable images after using some noise reduction. But the X-Pro2 at 6400 proved to be outstanding.

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