Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Street Walk

I had a chance yesterday to head into NYC, the first trip in since returning from Israel. For months before the trip to Israel, every time I went into the city, I was so preoccupied with the trip that I didn't really get into my street thing. Going in as often as I do, I was starting to get into a rut - same old places, same old people, etc. That's just a mental state for me.

I have my tried and true camera settings, and even though I'm working with the new Fuji X-Pro2, I find the old settings work so well for me that I fall back on them all the time. But I just got my hands on a new book, 'Fujifilm's X-Pro2' by Tony Phillips. It' s a really comprehensive guide to the camera. More than just an unorganized collection of tips. I'm finding the book to be very helpful, and it prods me to try new stuff. I played with the predictive autofocus and zone focusing settings when Fuji made them available through a firmware update, but after reading just the intro to this functionality I decided to try it out. Once I got the feel of how it selects focus points, I started to really like it. Takes a little time and patience (which I'm usually very short of).

These shots were taken in burst mode at 8fps of people walking through crowds. Out of a burst of four or five shots I found that all except maybe one were spot on.

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