Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How Many Photos, Do You Think ......?

When I go out for a walk in Manhattan I am always surprised by the numbers of people walking around with cameras hanging around their neck. This article, which I read this morning, gives some startling statistics about the numbers of photos that have ever been taken. It's short and well worth the read.

I received a few comments on yesterday's blog post about the b/w image, and how it looked in color. So, here it is right out of the camera, with no processing (except to convert the RAW into a jpg):


  1. The color is nice and really shows the quality of images from that camera. But, your b&w version is much more interesting. That red is a major distraction for me. . .almost the main focal point. The b&w demands focus on the girl though. Glad your having fun with the new cam!

    1. Mark, I couldn't agree more. It does show the quality of the images. The red is definitely a distraction. I'm sure there's a place for color images in my work, I just haven't found it yet.

    2. Normally I also think street photos should be in BW, because of focusing at the story in the photo. But this photo also have quality in colour. Of course, the girls heart is beating for NY, but you can also see the photo as her heart is beating for red dress. Just see the way she look at the dress. Well seen and captured Gene!

  2. He,he,he,I love your sense of humor Gene.