Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday, A Beautiful Spring Day

The weather was so fine on Saturday it just screamed out to me to go for a walk. I walked across Canal Street, up Broadway and around SoHo, and then up to Union Square. I tried several different focus settings and techniques on the XP1 (for future reference that would be the Fuji X-Pro 1). When I did these walks with the Nikon D700/24-70 f2.8 combo I got drained of energy after about two hours. With the XP1 I was out for four hours and could have gone longer.

I began to notice a difference in my shooting pattern during the walk. With the D700 and it's fast firing rate/fast autofocus I shot many frames in a two hour span - usually upwards of one hundred. With the XP1 I shot slower and more thoughtfully, almost like I did with film in my Leica M6. This is not better or worse, just different. I actually like working this way a bit more. Honestly, I got quite a few bad shots - some out of focus, some badly framed - but I'm getting much more comfortable with the camera. It's a bit difficult to hold in my hand for the entire walk because the body is slim and the grip requires some hand effort. I got the auxiliary hand grip after that walk and plan to give it a run tomorrow when the temperature promises to be around 90ยบ F. Should be lots of fun in Bryant Park.

I got a chuckle out of this shot. Caught the guy in flagrant.


  1. Gene, I follow with interest your ratings, and your shooting techniques.

    Wonderful photos.

    1. Domenico, as always, thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Good old Gene and his new toy.Brilliant combination ;-)Love this moment you cougth.