Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hoboken Train Station

I've been quite impressed with the output of the Fuji X Pro-1. Just have a look back at my posts for the past two months and you might thnk I'm a fanboy. I'm not, but the camera is really good. I'm always quite impressed with the images after I've optimized them in color, just before I convert them to b/w. So, for a change I thought I'd leave them in color for this post.

A few days ago I went out for a few hours with a buddy and we decided to spend some time in Hoboken, NJ. We walked around the park area that looks out onto the Manhattan skyline, and into the New Jersey Transit station which has been very well preserved.

It was around 9PM on the day before Memorial Day, so the waiting room was almost empty except for a few lonesome travelers. The waiting room was well lit. But I wanted to create a mood of late night gloom.


  1. Grande Gene, grandiose immagini.Mi piacerebbe vedere in formato almeno 1500px le immagini dei due signori, hanno una tonalità perfetta, ma vederle ingrandite rendono meglio la grandiosità delle tue immagini. Al limite metti una serigrafia al suo interno, come faccio io.
    Gene sei un grande, complimenti. Un abbraccio.

    Great Gene, grandiose images.I'd like to see at least formatted 1500px images of two Lords, have a perfect tone, but enlarge make better the grandeur of your images. At least put a screen on the inside, like I do.
    Gene you are a great, congratulations. A hug

    1. Domenico, Thanks for the comment. If you click on each individual image you can see it enlarged.

  2. Hi Gene. Long time no write. These are great images. Though I prefer your monochromes, this color is really impressive. The center "environmental portrait" is my favorite. The lines and lighting work great together.