Friday, June 8, 2012

Light and Reflections - X Pro-1 Handles them Superbly

I love to shoot on overcast days. The light is even and easy to handle, and processing the raw image with today's digital tools (especially Nik plugins) gives me the flexibility to create striking images. But strong contrast - the stark difference between bright light and dark shadows - while being difficult to work with, can often allow for dramatic shots.

I'm always drawn to window reflections and as I was walking down Madison Avenue I saw this gentleman moving from a bright sunny spot into the shade cast by the awning over an antique store window. I usually don't delve much into exif (exposure) data, but in this case because of the very wide dynamic range of the shot I think it's germane. ISO - 400, aperture - f8, and shutter - 1/220. The XP1 grabbed all the highlight detail and deep shadow detail with ease.


  1. Love that photo. I always admired your windows reflections photos, first because they great, second, that´s one thing I not very offen succeded in, when I take street photos. So that´s one thing I got to be better to in the future.
    Then it´s nice you write you blog, Gene. One thing I like about your blog - is that I am enjoying and learning of it - because your photo examples - are always together with a interesting description about all the circumstances and how the photo was taken.