Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Heat

Still too hot to be out and about shooting.

I'm going to a camera expo tomorrow where I'm hoping to get a good price for a trade in on several of my older Nikon prime lenses. Fuji has put out a teaser that there will be a major lens announcement on June 27th. Probably to unveil one or two new X-mount lenses for the X Pro-1 - a 14mm f2.8 and an 18mm-70mm f4 zoom. I've had to give a lot of thought to what direction I want to go with lenses for my XP1. My original motivation for getting the camera was because I had heard Fuji would be producing an M mount adapter for Leica lenses. That adapter was announced about a month ago and is expected in retail stores at the end of this month.

I really like using my 18mm f2.8 lens. I'm looking forward to getting the 14mm lens when it comes out - the effective focal length would be 21mm, which was my favorite Leica lens to shoot with. I feel iffy about the zoom lens, firstly because I don't want to lose two stops in the aperture (even though the new zoom is touted as having image stabilization), and secondly because being a zoom would mean having to use the electronic viewfinder. I have nothing against the EVF on the XP1, but since I've been shooting with the camera's optical viewfinder I've gotten back that old Leica technique of seeing what's outside the frame lines and predicting when to push the shutter.

But there is a problem with the M mount adapter that Fuji has produced. Some Leica lenses extend a bit too far back to function properly, as the sensor is very close to the rear of the lens. My Leica 35mm lens won't work with the adapter. From all that I've read and heard, the Fuji 35mm lens is a killer. So my plan for now is to trade in my Nikon prime glass, use that money to get the Fuji 35mm and the M mount adapter, and get the 14mm lens when it is released, probably early this autumn. I can use my Leica 50mm and 90mm lenses with the M mount adapter. I don't shoot much in the effective focal range of 75-135mm anyway.

The photo below was shot on Madison Avenue last week. Guess who the boss is?


  1. Excellent shot. Fantastic light. The most important - a great captured situation in the right second.

  2. Nice b/w!