Monday, June 18, 2012

Two Bits of News

I've been following a website called ScoopIt for a few months, ever since I started shooting with my Fuji X Pro-1. Today I started my own page for the site to collect posts of street photography. You can view the page here. And, if you find something that may be germane to the subject, please suggest it to me as a post by clicking on the suggest tab.

I've been experimenting with my settings for the XP1. There is an option to set the camera to auto ISO, Fuji needs to update the camera so that it's possible to establish a minimum shutter speed. Without that, the shutter speed of 1/50th of a second (the default) is too slow and makes the auto feature practically useless. BUT I discovered today that if I set the auto ISO to 3200 (the option can only be set to 6400 for jpegs) and then manually adjust the the aperture and shutter speed, the problem is solved. I'll be out testing this setting over the next week, so hopeful I'll get some high ISO shots to post.

For now, here's a shot in front of a window of Bergdorf Goodman's store on Fifth Avenue. I'd bet this guy is hoping his wife doesn't want to go in and try on this gown.


  1. I really like the shot. I also have a XP1. it is sitting on the shelf until such time as fuji update the AF and a few other things. I just can't get comfortable with it. I feel like I'm fighting it. so I went back to my D700. not as small the xp1 but I get better results

    1. mike, you have to work with the camera to get used to it. I adjusted to it because of my experience shooting with my M6 for years. It's never going to be the same as with the D700.

  2. Excellent captured situation (and a situation I know) If it has been a car store or electronic equipment store - I am sure it was to opposite situation. Also good reflections in the window showing the street.
    Looks nice with photos and writing on ScoopIt. I think Fuji must give you some money for all your writing good things about the Fuji XP1. In Denmark we have ex. an "Nikon ambassadeur" You must be the Fuji XP 1 ambassadeur of USA! I am sure many people want a XP1 - when they see your street photos and read your writing.