Monday, September 17, 2012

Fuji X-Pro1 Extraordinary Tonal Range

The Fuji X-Pro1's revolutionary sensor design has created some baffling problems for the tech wizards at Adobe - they can't seem to get a handle on how to interpret the RAW data from the sensor site configuration so that the pixel peepers are happy campers. I, however, not being one of them (pixel peeper, that is) have been quite satisfied, especially because most of my work gets converted to b/w.

I am usually quite happy with how the tonal range captured by the XP1 fits neatly into my processing workflow. I liked this shot very much but had not much expectation that the deep shadows on the girl's face would have enough detail because of the brightness of the scene and the direct blast of sunlight falling on her hair and shoulders. As I started to adjust the local contrast on her 'shady' side, I saw that the camera had captured all the details and they just popped into place.

Texting on West Broadway


  1. I like... But is this JPEG then?

    1. The image was shot as RAW. After processing it was saved as a tiff, and then output as a jpeg for web consumption.

  2. Still love it :)Saw it on G+ and thanks for the background info!