Friday, September 21, 2012

Improved Fuji X-Pro 1

I was out for a photo walk yesterday afternoon in the midtown NYC area. I needed to give the most recent firmware update for the XP1 a real-time street test. I've liked using this camera since the first day I've had it, and until now have learned to live with its few quirks. The most recent update has completely solved all but one of them. My greatest concern was with focusing. Now the autofocus speed is snappy and the manual focus is much more responsive. Accuracy is a non-issue. The camera is a joy to use.

My one remaining beef with Fuji is with the auto ISO function. The X-100 allows for setting the minimum shutter speed when in auto ISO. How or why the manufacturer missed including that functionality with the XP1 is a mystery. For now, if I want to use the auto ISO feature - and it's a function that is invaluable for street shooting - I have to set the camera in manual mode (for aperture and shutter speed) and check often that the settings are working well in the ever changing light and shadows on the street.

Both of these shots were taken on Fifth Avenue with the Fuji 18mm lens (28mm equiv.). I'm really looking forward to receiving the 14mm lens when it's finally released, hopefully in a few weeks.

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