Monday, November 12, 2012

Back At It

After several weeks delay due to tropical storm Sandy, New Jersey Transit is finally running trains directly into New York City. I was definitely getting stir crazy and suffering Big Apple withdrawal. Hitting the streets again felt really good. But in all honesty, after just two weeks off I felt a little rusty - my reflexes not as quick, my attention drift. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to do it more often to get my mojo back.

I was particularly interested today to put the new images through a workflow with my iPad. It's a bit trial and error, and will take some experimenting but I was quite impressed with the ease of integration with Lightroom on my iMac. The new iPad processor is blazing fast and the Photosmith app on the iPad was designed to interface cleanly with Lightroom. I exported my keyword hierarchy from Lightroom to Photosmith on the iPad, set up an IPTC info preset and tagged all my photos, selected the picks, color labelled them and synced them to my Lightroom library with all the pertinent metadata in about 15 minutes. And this was my first time using the software.

I have yet to decide on how I will back up my images while I'm traveling - probably with a small hard drive and some kind of 'cloud' upload, but for now I'm really pleased with how this whole process is shaping up.

As I said before, I have some 'ring' rust from the two week layoff, but had fun on the street anyway. More shooting later this week and over the weekend. This shot was taken with my Fuji X-Pro1 and 35mm lens. Not that it makes a hell of a difference, but it was shot at 1/250th second, f8, ISO 1250.

More importantly, the guy had a really interesting face and posture, and he gave me a great expression just as I snapped the shutter.

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