Thursday, November 8, 2012

Two Books

Firstly, I just bought myself a birthday present of a new iPad. I was intending to get the iPad Mini, I'd waited this long before purchasing just to get the smaller beast. When I compared the two - the mini and the full size - it was a no brainer. The retina display is quite startling. My only reservation about getting the big boy was that I thought it was in mid-cycle, and I didn't want to get just six months out of something that would be replaced so quickly. But Apple quietly slipped a new processor into the iPad 3  to make it into the iPad 4 so I jumped on it.

My primary motivation for the purchase was to have a way to view my photos and do basic catalog work on them while I did any traveling. At the Photo Expo show a few weeks ago I found a book entitled The iPad for Photographers which covers in detail all the various apps available for photo processing and a lot more. I needed to find apps that would integrate with my Lightroom workflow seamlessly. More on this stuff in later posts, as I work with the new software.

The second of the two books referred to in the title is Art & Fear. I had read a brief quote from the book and looked it up on Amazon. The intro to the book is available for preview, and as I read through, I was intrigued by the presentation. I'm often drawn to books about the creative process, only to be disappointed, so I rarely spend my hard earned money on them. I just get them from the library, read a few pages or chapters, and disappointedly return the book. This one wasn't available from the library. I had an epiphany. Interesting book/new iPad - download from iTunes and read on my new toy whenever I have a few free moments. What a concept!

More on this later. No photos for now, Sandy has made ingress to New York a chore, and it's not worth the 2-3 hours of travel each way. It's taken me 70 years to learn patience. Oh yeah, and I have a new toy to play with.

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