Friday, December 7, 2012

A Color Shot

Except for the few instances - personal or family photos, studio shots for a client, landscape or HDR - everything I shoot is intended to be converted to b/w. It's just my old fashioned sensibility, my street work needs to be in b/w. 

There are occasional exceptions. I was sitting at one of my favorite shooting spots this week, enjoying the people out at lunch hour and the shoppers. I saw this gentleman approaching from across the street and not wanting to miss the shot by taking any chances (like shooting from the hip) I held the camera to my eye for several seconds as he approached and fired off three shots as he walked by. The people around him were totally oblivious. Just another New Yorker. He noticed me as he walked by but tried mightily to act indifferent. The moment passed and I continued to watch and shoot for about another half hour. And then I saw him again, approaching me from the same direction as the first time. Somehow he must have doubled back and escaped my attention, or taken a different route downtown, only to come back and walk by me a second time. Once again, I raised the camera to be sure I got the shot. But this time as he walked past he gave me this look. As if to say 'Why are you taking pictures of me!'

Gee, I dunno .......

I still like the b/w shot too.

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