Sunday, December 2, 2012


I often talk about how the dynamics of a scene are communicated through the gestures of the actors, especially with hands and/or facial expression. But communication with others in a scene is often done with a direct look - either towards others in the scene or outward towards the photographer. In yesterday's post the most prominent character (and the one that initially attracted my attention) was the gentleman in the front of the image. the shot would have been ok if he were the only character in the frame, but direct eye contact with the girl standing behind him gave the image much more depth and an added dynamic. 

Once again, in the following shot, it was the facial expression of the person in the front of the frame that was my initial target. But unconsciously I included the girl behind him. I didn't actively see her when I took the shot, and it was only when I reviewed the images at the beginning of my edit process that I noticed her and the dynamic that she added to the photo.

As I noted in the post yesterday, I didn't feel 'in the groove', and was surprised to have gotten the shot that accompanied that blog entry. Ditto for today. I guess I was working on auto pilot and didn't know it. Just goes to show ya, get out and shoot no matter what. You just never know what will happen. 

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