Friday, March 29, 2013


Put me in a crowd of people on a street in New York with a camera in my hand and I'm a happy camper. Yesterday I stood outside Nat Sherman's cigar shop on East 42nd street. While waiting to meet someone (who never showed) I was immensely entertained by the people who walked by - and by the cigar I fired up.

I love to capture facial expressions - sometimes explicit, sometimes ambiguous. When anyone looks at a photograph the first recognizable feature they'll see is a face, and then the eyes. When someone looks at an image I've made I want them to see a feeling expressed in a look or a gesture, and to remember feeling that way themselves. I want the viewer to make up his own story about what the image means. It doesn't have to be what the image meant to me when I shot it, like the sad expression of this gentleman as he walked by, it was just lucky coincidence that the two laughing girls were in the background.


When I turned around there was this charming woman who had ducked out of the rain shower standing next to a very unhappy wooden indian.

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