Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Sneer

As I've said before in these pages, what I look to capture in my images is a human thing - a gesture, an expression, an attitude - something to which each viewer of my shots can relate or about which they can make up their own story. When I post an image I can say what attracted me and impelled me push the shutter button, but that's only my story or reaction to the moment. I like capturing that, but it's more important to capture something in the shot that is universally human to which anyone can relate.

Mostly when someone we know aims a camera at us we automatically assume they want us to look happy, so we smile. Often when I'm shooting on the street, lift the camera to my eye, and aim the person smiles back. That's ok, I've gotten some wonderful shots like that. But it's not what I'm looking for, so I try to be as stealthy as possible. Sometimes I get caught, and the subject's response is to try to ruin the picture by intentionally not smiling, but rather sneer at me.

I love it.

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