Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Bite of the Apple

Sometimes I just like to have a little fun with my shots. I was in Manhattan on Thursday and went with a friend to sit outside the Apple Store on 59th & Fifth. And there in the Big Apple, with the Apple logo (with the bite indentation) in the background I saw this guy's big toothless grin. I couldn't help myself. By the way, the term 'Big Apple' was first used, and has lived on since, with regard to New York having a big presence in horse racing.

Anyone who has ridden on the New York subways is all too familiar with the sounds of all kinds of music and pseudo-music being played by panhandlers in the stations, on the platforms, and in the subway cars. It's most often loud and overbearing - it would have to be to compete with the loud rumbles of the trains. For the most part I find it all obnoxious. But on this last trip into New York, on the New Jersey Transit train into Penn Station, I heard the faint sound of what seemed like distant trumpet riffs of the melody to 'My Funny Valentine'.  Sounded like early Miles Davis. I turned around and looked down into the vestibule of the car, and there was a gentleman with a pocket trumpet and mute working his way through some charts. 

As I said, when I was on the street I was walking with a friend, and I usually don't take many pics when I'm with someone, and those I do take often don't have the presence of what I was trying to capture in the first place. It takes concentration and (pardon the pun) focus. I got this shot to add to my recently started set of images of smokers with smoke drifting out of them.

 And the expression on this woman's face wrote it's caption for me. You make up your own.

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