Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Professional Photographer

Much has been written about the Boston Marathon bombing, and I thought this article which appeared on the Chicago Tribune blogsite, written by Alex Garcia, was quite to the point regarding the photographing of events. Rather than reiterate the germane points made my Mr. Garcia, I encourage you to click on the link and read his blog post. After you've read it, think about the specific points he makes and how they apply to photographing whatever your subject happens to be. One of my friends has an adage he throws at me whenever I talk to him about facing difficulty, no matter what the situation: run towards the canons!

I seem to be drawn lately to the challenge of capturing smoke and making it a strong element in some of my images, this afternoon walking across 14th street was no exception. To wit, two images of smokers - one with smoke, one without. Both with an attitude that begged for a picture.

And two other images, one from recently:

And the last from this past December:

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  1. Garcia nailed it! I don't think I have ever read something on the need for professional photojournalists that was as well written as what Garcia posted. As a former smalltown photojournalist who was kicked to the curb at the start of the recession, I remember one comment from the editor of the Shelby, NC, Star - "its good enough" - when speaking of citizen journalists.