Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kids Having Fun

The holiday of Sukkah is called a 'festival' because it is a time of rejoicing - for the bountiful fall harvest and for freedom from Egyptian slavery. During the holiday I went to the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn which, although it is being gentrified, is a bastion of orthodox Jewery, especially of the intensely devout Satmar sect. At the direction of one of the people I photographed, I sought out a street fair that had everything any street fair in any town in America might have - kids' rides, games of chance, and food stands. And the kids were loving it.

Which reminds me, kids are blank slates. They just do what their biologically programmed to do - have fun. They grow into what we write on those slates. Some of us spend a good part of our lives trying to overcome what was written, and to getting back to having fun.

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