Saturday, October 26, 2013

Imma Tell You

Beautiful autumn days keep coming in New York, and after spending two days indoors looking at displays and presentations of photo gear and software, being out on the street today was a treat even though the cloudless sky made for harsh lighting conditions. Later this week, on Thursday, I hope to get out in the evening for the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village. I was all set to go last year, but our dear friend Sandy had other plans for all of us.

While on the train returning home, I did a preliminary review of the photos I shot. The person next to me asked to see some of them and since I can't resist a pretty smile I went through several with her. When we looked at this shot and I told her I really liked it, she said 'but it's crooked!' I was reminded of a Garry Winogrand quip in response to a comment like that. He said 'you're not looking at it the right way.'

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