Sunday, August 14, 2016

Israel 2016 - Arad, day 3

Our third day in Arad began with a demonstration of and lesson in flamenco dancing by a local practitioner. I 'dropped the ball' during this session. I took lots of photos of the demo, but was too involved participating in the lesson to take photos of my co-participants trying to execute the same moves. Only much later, after reviewing my work for the day did I realize that I missed a golden opportunity for unique material.

Following that, we visited an art class in a local elementary school. The experience was another of the highlights of my time in Arad. The kids spoke little or no English, and we spoke no Hebrew. But once we were turned loose to interact with the kids, everyone had a wonderful time. It was a goldmine of photo opportunities. This post is photos of us (the artists) working with the kids. The next post will be about the kids posing for me.

Our flamenco instructor explaining to us how to move gracefully:

Jared showing the boys how to execute an intricate brush stroke.

Gail explaining a philosophical concept about creativity:

 Marilyn, who was never without her sketch book, showing the kids what she did:

At one point the kids asked for Marilyn's sketch book and pen to make their own entries into her sketch journal:

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