Friday, June 30, 2017

Jerusalem, Israel - Capital of Israel 4

For a change of pace, some color shots of Jerusalem. The Hurva Synagogue in the Old City was destroyed during the 1967 War of Liberation (get over it). I'd been past the restored synagogue before, but this time it was open. There's an elevator to the balcony around the inside of the dome, and it's possible to go outside and walk around the dome which looks out over the rooftops of the Old City.

Looking at the rear door of the synagogue, which faces east:

Looking down from the top balcony. I'm accustomed to seeing the Aron Kodesh always face east, since I live in the Western Hemisphere. But in Jerusalem, it really doesn't matter (at least until the Third Temple is built on the Temple Mount. Soon ..... very soon!):

Some views looking out at the Old City from the outside of the Hurva Dome:

In this shot, the dark dome on the left is the al asqa mosque. In the background, outside the Old City and across the Kidron Valley is the huge Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives:

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