Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back At It

After two weeks of no shooting I was back at it again today. During the two week layoff I acquired some rust. I think that no matter where I decided to go today, it would have been an uninspired walk. I was just too preoccupied with monitoring how I felt to be able to really see what was going on around me.

The walk, however, gave me a chance to experiment with a different camera strap. Up till now I'd been using the standard neck strap on my X-Pro1 which I liked because it was very lightweight and thin. I could hang the camera around my neck, over my shoulder, or wrap the strap around my wrist and carry the camera in my hand at my hip. But that presented some difficulty in taking vertical shots from chest level - that was my favorite position for the D700 while walking. I transferred the R-Strap, which I'd been using for three years, from the Nikon to the Fuji camera. At first it felt a little strange, because the XP1 is so light I felt as though there was nothing on the end of the strap. But it did the job. I could hold the camera in vertical orientation much more comfortably in the middle of my chest. I wish I had gotten some good shots to show you today, but I'm sure there will be another opportunity this week. For now, here's two horizontal shots from last month.


  1. Nice to have you back on the track again, Gene.

  2. I like the second image, is new to me, the look of that man is a good catch, good to see you again my friend !!