Friday, May 11, 2012


As I was walking back to Penn Station yesterday, I turned the corner onto 57th Street and saw a woman facing away from me. Leopard skin hat, paisley jacket, striped pats suit - I had no idea what was in store for me when she turned around, but I knew it had to be interesting. I picked up the camera to compose the shot of her back, and just as I was ready to push the shutter she turned and looked right into the lens. I knew there's be no chance for a second shot so I pressed the shutter and prayed that the autofocus would click in. After I walked past her I was tempted to 'chimp' the shot (look at it on the LCD) but I knew if I'd missed it I'd feel terrible, and if I got it, I probably wouldn't pay attention for the rest of the walk back.  Her hands came up when she saw me with the camera almost in her face, as if to say 'What ......?'

Just another typical New Yorker.


  1. hello my friend, good to see you in good condition, this picture is great, meets all the requirements that gives meaning to the language of photography... speak for itself !!!
    ........... words are unnecessary in photography, the pictures speak, this is the way !!!
    All the best for our friend !!!

  2. Good photo and story, nice character for a photo

  3. Welcome back,Gene!I am happy that everything is OK with you and looking forward to learn more from you.This foto is really awesome.I will recognize your style between millions.