Monday, May 7, 2012

On The High Line

I went out for a walk on New York's High Line yesterday to get my walking legs back into shape after a layoff of two weeks. The High Line is an elevated rail line that was built after World War I so as to move freight between the New York Hudson River docks and manufacturing sites. The original tracks were at ground level, but there were so many accidents with pedestrians and other vehicles that the elevated tracks became a necessity. The elevated line runs between very narrow gaps of buildings. It's been made into a city park with interesting views of the city skyline and the Hudson River, and in the couple of years since it's beginning the trees and other horticulture has really begun to develop and grow. It's also an ideal spot for people watching and candid street shooting.

I continue to be surprised by the quality of the images the Fuji X-Pro1 is capable of producing. The camera's color renditions are strong and its ability to handle a wide exposure range makes it a match for any pro level dslr. Here's a color shot with very little processing to it, mostly white and black point adjustment. The camera registered the bright highlights of the clouds and the white building in the background, as well as the subtle differences in the white and yellow stripes of the girl's shirt, and still held detail in the shadows of the dark girl's shaded face. The details in the black hair and the knitted pattern of the girl's blue blouse give the image a real feeling of texture.


  1. Cool shot of a cool looking woman. Thanks for the story about the High Line. That´s also a place I wanna see this summer

  2. imagine that with the lens used you would be very close to Miss, be very careful with jealous husbands
    I too I like this camera more every day
    a hug for our friend !!