Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Personal Growth

After making the selection for yesterday's blog post I realized that there is quite a difference in the processing techniques of the first image in the post and the later images which were shot and processed much later in the year. That put in perspective for me the changes that I've gone through during the year. It's always about progress and growth, never perfection. The choice to include this image in the Ten Best selection was for its content.

This is the image I posted yesterday and is the processing I did in January of 2012. :

I went back to the RAW image and started over again: used Dfine for noise reduction, Color Efex 4 for color balance and contrast, and Silver Efex 2 for the b/w conversion. This version is not quite as contrasty - I liked that in the first image - but I avoided the halo effect on the letters which gave the earlier version an over-processed appearance.


  1. Gene, happy new year.
    Personally I prefer the first version, but also the second best in the words of very sharp Fund.
    I read assiduously your articles.
    A hug

  2. Hi Gene - I actually like the second one because of the sharper letters, but think that maybe casting the gentleman in a bit more of a moody shadow would better mirror his apparent state of mind. ;-) Keep on clicking and learning and sharing - I'm a big fan!