Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fuji OIS Set to Continuous Mode

In my never ending quest to find the most optimum/sublime/perfect settings for the X-Pro1-zoom-lens-combo, I set out on the frigid streets of New York City this afternoon to experiment yet again. Although I've been committed to working with the zoom lens, I felt the draw of the familiarity of working with the fixed 18mm lens. The flexibility of the zoom lens is a compelling factor to keep at it, though.

I'm sure the cold temperature had something to do with it, but when I set the camera to 'continuous OIS' I burned through the first battery rather quickly. I sat in one place for a while and shot at the long end, 55mm, but sitting still made the cold much more intense, so I took a long walk in midtown. That's when the zoom flexibility really came in handy

I think this gentleman had a few tips to suggest for a trip he'd like to send me on.

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