Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just For A Change .......

I love animals. Lived with dogs my whole life, and currently am owned by two parrots (I've been their slave for about 20 years), but I have rarely photographed them, only when I'm testing a new piece of equipment. So for a change of pace I visited the Central Park Zoo today. It seemed so much more civilized than the streets of Manhattan.

I was especially drawn to the pair of yellow/gold macaws. One was behind glass, but the other was out in the tropical garden. Wisely, no one was brave (or stupid) enough to try to pet this guy. He would have loved the chance, every time a hand came close his beak opened invitingly. He did, however let me get in really close for some photos. This guy loves cameras.

And there was Mr Llama, who was nice enough not to spit at me:

And the sea lions. I think this guy was the bull, he was almost twice the size of the others, and loved to play to the crowd:

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