Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ten Day Rest

I needed a ten day hiatus from writing posts for two reasons. Firstly, writing anything has always proven to be the hardest creative thing I ever do. Books, magazine articles, this blog - words just don't come to me as easily as sounds or images. I've been preparing some text for a submission for which I still have a ways to go, but I've also been shooting so I have stuff to post. And secondly, as anyone who is friends with me on Facebook knows, I'v been kind of preoccupied with the problems Israel has been having with the scumbags that call themselves Hamas. I still am, but as I said, I have stuff to post. Getting out to shoot has been somewhat cathartic, but it's been a struggle too. I feel blocked up, as any artist does periodically in the course of his work. The only way to get unblocked is to get out and do that which is blocked. Hammer away at it until the clog unblocks. The effort hasn't been fruitless, just seems to me to be a bit unfocused (no pun intended). Some street stuff, some Jewish stuff. Here's the street, shot yesterday on a walk around Chinatown and Canal St.

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